Sunday, September 20, 2009

Essential Questions and Activities: Prufrock



How does one disturb the universe?

What's it like to be stereotyped?
How has Prufrock potentially been stereotyped?

The weight of Prufrock's life is measurable in coffee spoons... What is the weight of your life?
Why is Prufrock's life so "light?"
Doesn't Prufrock's life seem overly heavy, given the number of overwhelming questions he asks himself and the reader?
What's something you've done that has impacted yours or someone else's life greatly, either positively or negatively?

What is there to say about Michelangelo?
Why do the women keep speaking of him?
Does Michelangelo represent the accomplished youth for which the women long?
Can Prufrock compete with Michelangelo?


Draw Prufrock

Written description of Prufrock to compare with Michelangelo: where does he lack and why? Does it matter? Do we sympathize with Prufrock more?

What astrological sign do you think Prufrock is?

Draw the weight of your life in a coffee spoon.