Monday, November 16, 2009

Activity Ideas

***Prufrock's facebook page (class-wide activity):
favorite quotes = allusions within poetry
contemporary music Prufrock would listen to
about me = defining characteristics

Get a number of students to engage differently, the artists draw the pictures, photographers take the photos, etc.

***Personals Ad from Prufrock

***Class collage of individuals images drawn, recreated through photographs, etc.

***Recontextualize Prufrock in a different setting (comic, short story, poem)

***Take four lines and annotate: charged words, denotations, connotations, look up words in dictionary, describe sensory images, etc.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Unit on Prufrock (unfinished)

Essential Questions and What Students are to Walk Away with from “Prufrock”
Students will walk away with:

1. Key to TWL
2. Solid sketch of Prufrock to ground understanding of TWL
3. Understanding of imagery
4. Understanding of modernism (de-familiarization, fragmentation, “sampling”)
5. Understanding of elements of dramatic monologue
6. Understanding of modern aesthetics and their ties to the self, our modern condition
7. Understanding of intertextuality
8. Ties between “Prufrock” and contemporary culture (rap, sampling)
9. Understanding of themes in “Prufrock” as preparation for TWL